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So, your home improvement company is adapting to the coronavirus pandemic and jobs are coming in. Your crews are eager to work.

Thanks to the CARES Act, perhaps you qualify for an SBA loan. Your cash flow is getting back to where it should be.

But how is your pipeline? Is it time to prime the sales funnel? Overall economic indicators see the entire world taking a hit from COVID-19. Supply chains around the world are stalled. U.S. GDP has dropped. The Feds are holding interest rates artificially low for the time being while jobless claims are through the proverbial roof.

With such dire consequences affecting everyone, how can you expect to get a leg up on the competition this year?

Simply put: Feed the funnel.

Start with automated drip campaign marketing

Imagine you get an inquiry on HomeAdvisor from a logistics professional who had to work at home for weeks while trying to keep track of the children. She’s sick of her old windows and still hasn’t filed a claim for roof damage.

That inquiry kicks off a sequence of automated emails and text messages targeting her specific needs in a way she can’t resist.

Before you know it, your top salesperson is conducting a digital inspection.

A personalized drip campaign optimizes every lead opportunity that enters your sales funnel. The
campaign is activated as soon as a soft lead inquiry hits your system, thus minimizing the need for manual and inconsistent follow-up.

If you’re experiencing a couple of slow months due to COVID-19, drip campaign marketing is a great way to recoup lost revenue. Think Unlimited can get your targeted creative campaign development set up so when leads begin funneling, the drip campaign go live and you convert more customers. 

With less manual outbound communications, you also save in operational costs.

We integrate proven marketing strategies to win their business. For instance, you could integrate
marketing offers into the campaign that relate to financing or dollar off savings (e.g., no money down, no payments for 18 months). 

The Think Lead Optimizer takes the guesswork out of prospecting

Another tool you should add to your kick-the-competition’s butt kit is our lead scoring and allocation software. The Think Lead Optimizer is a lead-scoring animal. It not only highlights prospects most likely to convert, but also predicts which salesperson is most likely to close each lead with the highest revenue per lead and margin per lead–and then assigns the lead to that salesperson.

This tech tool is backed by artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our data
scientists build a customized, self-training algorithm that considers a robust set of data.

Data transparency is our promise to you, and the reporting functionality you receive with the TLO platform is invaluable in and of itself. 

We feed and enrich an historical set of your organization’s lead data, which becomes the foundation of your algorithm. Through AI and machine learning, the custom algorithm self-trains to provide you with the most accurate data in real time.

It automatically assigns insights into each lead and determines which salesperson is the best one to pursue it.

The proof is in the numbers.

In one case study, we profiled a Chicago-area home improvement company that adopted our TLO
system. Post-launch the program was predicting at 97 percent accuracy. Our client saw an 18 percent lift in revenue per lead, which amounts to an additional $487 per lead.

They also realized a $405,155 increase in overall gross revenue. On average, our client receives $121 in incremental revenue for every dollar spent on the TLO platform.

Your bottom line will thank you

We’ve been living in very unusual times. We at Think Unlimited hope that our community remains safe and healthy. Now that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, it’s time to get cranking and make up for lost ground. Our drip campaign and TLO program are powerful tools to fill your pipeline, provide you more time to focus on adapting from an operational perspective while we handle major sales and marketing initiatives to keep your business growing. 

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Case Studies

Long Home Products saw a $380 increase in revenue per lead.

Long Home Products chose to implement the Think Lead Optimizer (TLO) software to better match their sales associates with leads, increase close rates, ticket prices, and their ROI. The Think Lead Optimizer was launched in one market and Think Unlimited began a comparative report between the market with TLO enabled and without.

Case Studies

This client saw growth in every targeted area.

Only 4 weeks after implementing the Think Lead Optimizer by Think Unlimited, this client saw growth in every area targeted area. With Think’s proprietary AI lead score and assignment process, the higher quality scored leads led to an 8.6% growth in assignments compared week-over-week. With a higher assignment rate, the close rate grew by nearly 4% in the first month. The RPL value of each assigned lead added an additional $277 per lead & the actual gross sale per lead issued cost increased by over $491.

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