Convert soft lead inquiries into hard bookings
with personalized drip campaigns.

Automate your lead setting process with drip campaigns.

  • We develop personalized content marketing campaigns.
  • As soon as a lead funnels in, the first email and text message is sent immediately to the potential customer.
  • We deliver an automated sequence of emails & text messages driving the consumer to a hard booking request.

Inside our high-converting
drip campaign funnel

We enrich your data to unlock more information about your customers.

Then we analyze it to find trends and opportunities.

Analysis done. Hooray! The creative development process begins.

As soon as a lead funnels in, the first email & text campaign is delivered immediately. 

An automated series of emails & texts are sent, driving the consumer to a hard booking request.

Custom landing pages capture the customers’ information. Voila, you have a hard lead!

Our creative approach

because your campaigns need to stand out

Who are we speaking to?

Before beginning any creative, we need to understand the audience we’re speaking to. Think Unlimited forms a comprehensive marketing strategy for each persona we target.

What do they want to see & hear?

When it comes to content marketing, one size does not fit all. Our team changes the copy, imagery & offer of the campaign depending on which variables we’re testing.

Are we addressing their needs?

Depending on income, geography, lifestyle, age and gender, customers may require different information about your brand as well as different promotional messaging.

Does it reflect your brand?

Upholding your core brand values is not only important to us as marketers, but to your customers as well. Think Unlimited will have a clear brand direction and guidelines before starting any project.

Drip Campaign Case Study

The proof is in the numbers

Think Unlimited’s client, a large home improvement company headquartered in the Baltimore-DC area, was looking for a way to automate and optimize their inbound lead setting process. With significant marketing dollars allocated toward lead aggregation platforms, our client sought a better way to convert unbranded leads. Their goal was to increase hard-scheduled appointments and gross revenue overall.

Increase in demo rate month over month
Decrease in dials-per-lead
Incremental revenue month over month
Operational savings month over month

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