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Intuitive, feature-rich lead scoring for home improvement pros.
The only lead scoring platform that utilizes artificial intelligence and deep learning to accurately predict lead value based on your organization's historical data. Not industry benchmarks.
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Go beyond the score with personalized drip campaigns.
Increase your set rate, decrease dials-per-lead and increase overall revenue with automated marketing campaigns. As soon as a lead funnels in, email and text message campaigns deliver with the primary goal of converting unbranded leads to a hard booking.
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We rely on data.

AI Lead Scoring & Allocation

Think Lead Optimizer (TLO) harnesses artificial intelligence to identify and prioritize your best leads–helping you optimize sales & marketing dollars, accelerate your pipeline and improve close rates.

Beyond the score

Go beyond the score with customer segmentation data, delivering insights through the lens of demographic, attitudinal, behavioral, lifestyle and geographic attributes. Use these insights to drive strategic marketing activities for a multichannel approach to your business.

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What makes our lead
scoring platform different?

Traditional Lead Scoring

Think's Lead Optimizer

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Automate your lead setting process with drip campaigns.

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