Close more deals with AssignAI

Assign the right sales rep to the right lead. Every time.

Don’t leave your lead assignments to chance. With 98% accuracy, AssignAI predicts the revenue outcome of each lead as it would be assigned. AssignAI gives you the power to match the lead to the sales rep who is most likely to generate the highest revenue outcome.

Key features

AssignAI is the most advanced lead scoring & allocation platform for home pros. 

Predictive lead assignment

Intuitive rep routing

Business intelligence dashboards

Real-time data enrichment

Predictive analytics

Sales rep management tools

Unleash the potential of predictive lead assignment

AssignAI harnesses the power of machine learning. By analyzing historical sales rep performance, we build a robust model that identifies the patterns and key factors contributing to successful deals. This powerful insight enables you to assign leads with the highest potential to the right sales representatives, setting the stage for unparalleled success.

Optimize your sales process with enriched data

AssignAI gives you access to enriched appointment data. With AssignAI, you can be confident that your sales reps are equipped with the right information to drive meaningful conversations and build lasting relationships with your prospects.

Boost revenue per lead issued by as much as 12%

AssignAI is designed to revolutionize your sales operations by accurately assigning the right sales rep to each lead. AssignAI achieves near-100% accuracy in determining the sales representative who will close the deal with the highest revenue potential. 

What makes our lead assignment platform different?

Traditional lead scoring

Use cases