AI Lead Scoring & Allocation: A Case Study

The Challenge

Think Unlimited’s client, a large home improvement company headquartered in the Chicagoland area, was looking for a way to more easily and accurately assign leads.

They sought a lead assignment method that steered away from relying too much on guesswork and not enough on data.

Their goals were to increase revenue per lead and gross revenue overall.

The Solution

Think Unlimited proposed implementing our AI Lead Scoring & Allocation technology, TLO.

We enriched their historical lead data which provided key insights into how well each sales representative performed against specific customer segments.

Think Unlimited then mapped their data to our lead optimizer platform and began predicting lead assignment outcome with 97% accuracy.

Our clients’ lead assignment team reported back with enthusiasm regarding how intuitive the technology was to use and were thrilled with the near-immediate results.

$487 Increase in revenue per lead

$405,155 gross revenue gain

$121 ROI on every dollar spent

TLO Case Study

The Results

Post-launch, the Think Lead Optimizer platform was predicting at 97% accuracy thanks to our self-learning model. Our client saw an 18% lift in RPL which amounts to an additional $487 per lead.

They also realized a $405,155 increase in overall gross revenue. On average, our client receives $121 in incremental revenue for every dollar spent on the TLO platform.

Due to the success of the Think Lead Optimizer, our client has requested to add on Think Unlimited’s drip campaign services as a means to support additional revenue growth.

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