Think Lead Optimizer

It Works Because It’s Custom-Built For You

At a Glance

The Think Lead Optimizer (TLO) lead scoring & allocation platform not only highlights consumers with the highest propensity to convert, but also predictively assigns the salesperson who is most likely to close each lead with the highest revenue per lead and margin per lead.

Average NSLI increase is 12%

Key Features & Benefits

  • Marketing dashboard that highlights customer segmentation data
  • Sales dashboard that overviews how your reps are performing at any given time
  • Assign leads to the sales representative that will bring the highest NSLI value
  • Establish sales territories & map your reps’ daily route

Case Study

The Proof is in the Numbers​

Think Unlimited’s client, a large home improvement company headquartered in the Chicagoland area, was looking for a way to more easily and accurately assign leads. They sought a lead assignment method that steered away from relying too much on guesswork and not enough on data. Their goals were to increase revenue per lead and gross revenue overall.

Marketing ROI
Increase in Revenue Per Lead
Gross Revenue Gained

“Window Works was Think Unlimited’s very first client to pilot the Think Lead Optimizer in February 2020. We decided to partner with them due to ease of implementation & projected lift. Our lead assignment process has become significantly more efficient, & our internal resources aren’t nearly as tied up.

We have been able to assign leads more accurately and efficiently, but even more impressive is that company revenue has increased by more then 40%. Our revenue-per-lead has nearly doubled since we started, a metric directly attributable to Think’s Lead Optimizer.

We keep adding new products and love the title of Think Unlimited’s first success story.”

Joe Talmon, COO


Our Clients

Want to grow your business?

Let’s Partner. You’ll Love The Think Unlimited Experience.


Want to grow your business?

Let’s Partner. You’ll Love The Think Unlimited Experience.