4 Reasons to Integrate Deep Al Learning into Your Email Marketing

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In terms of email marketing, the importance of nurturing leads through the sales funnel and speaking to where they are in the buyer’s journey cannot be overstated.

People don’t typically make large buying decisions at the drop of a hat.  Prospective purchasers need to trust your brand, understand your core product offering, and feel as though they’re receiving a good value. With the right email marketing approach, your brand will be top-of-mind when it comes time to make a purchasing decision. A high-converting email strategy is something that marketers have been focused on for years and now, thanks to deep Al learning, it’s more efficient than ever.

If you haven’t already considered integrating a deep Al learning solution into your email marketing efforts, here are four compelling reasons why now is a good time to start.

1. The Power of Persona Automated Messaging

One of the major reasons integrating deep Al learning into your email marketing efforts is so important comes down to the value of persona automated messaging. This approach allows brands to segment leads by persona profile and craft personalized messaging that speaks to people on an individual level.

For example, email drip campaigns are primarily focused on action. Specific messages are crafted and sent after predetermined events have occurred. Persona automated messaging, on the other hand, allows you to craft messages not only around what someone is doing, but also around affinity categories, demographics, lifestyle attributes, buying behavior, and much more.

2. Build a Better Competitive Advantage for Yourself

Likewise, integrating deep Al learning into email marketing is a great way to create a better competitive advantage for yourself in a saturated marketplace. Rather than casting the widest net possible by delivering the same content to every prospect, your message is specifically tailored to the customer in the funnel.  This customized, direct demographic messaging help to build company rapport and ignite trust.

This approach also allows you to use a more authentic tone in marketing, and capitalize on key opportunities that would otherwise be missed. All told, this type of deep Al learning solution simply offers greater segmentation, reporting, and persona-driven data opportunities than CRM-powered drip campaigns could ever match.

Not only can this messaging be applied in email marketing campaigns, segmenting and mapping your demographics can also be replicated through all other messaging tools like texts/sms, microsites, call center scripts, print ads, and others to create a holistic approach to your marketing.

3. Get a Critical Second Chance

A persona-driven email marketing approach can also help create new opportunities that you wouldn’t have previously had access to. You can get a second chance at a particular lead by offering an increased promotional value further in the sequence, for example, if you don’t schedule that lead right way. A series of emails and texts allows for far more points of contact and, ultimately, stronger calls to action based on your persona group.

4. Lower Costs Across the Board

Finally, integrating deep Al learning into your email marketing is a powerful opportunity to lower dials per lead and operational costs by utilizing automated tools.

You can reduce the number of outbound calls made by your call center.  For example, by sending out text and emails that compliment those calls and that provide three new potential conversion touch points. That’s not something you’ll be able to do if you insist on doing things “the old fashioned way.”

Not only do you separate your business from your competitors by creating a more personalized and engaging lead experience, but you also have the insight to target the people who are most like your ideal customers. When you also consider that you can lower dials per lead and operational costs by utilizing automated tools, it’s easy to see why persona automated messaging is a worthy investment.

If you’d like to find out more information about why you should be integrating deep Al learning into your email marketing efforts, or if you’d just like to learn more about Think Unlimited’s persona automated messaging solution – contact us here.

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