Persona Automated Messaging

When it comes to messaging, casting a wide net leaves conversions on the table. Get more prospects to schedule a hard appointment with Think Unlimited’s Persona Automated Messaging — our personalized approach to content marketing & email drip campaigns.

While home improvement companies may already utilize email drip campaigns, Think Unlimited offers a unique approach by segmenting leads and creating persona-driven campaigns based on consumer economics.  Read the example below to better understand consumer segmentation and messaging.

You have two customers: Chris & Amy. Both have submitted an inquiry via HomeAdvisor about receiving a quote for their upcoming home project. Your team calls both Chris and Amy immediately after receiving their inquiries. Neither prospect answers on the first dial. You send each of them a quick email or text message with information to call back with the best date and time for a free consultation. They don’t respond. So you call again. And again. On the sixth dial, Amy finally answers only for your team to find out she is no longer interested. You continue to call Chris, but he never answers. You’ve now spent hard dollars on outbound calls to convert Chris and Amy, and neither scheduled an appointment.

So, how do you convert Chris & Amy?

In an age where personalization of marketing is paramount, Think Unlimited develops a high-converting drip campaign funnel built with dynamic content to drive Chris & Amy from a soft inquiry to a scheduled lead. We deliver messaging, content & offers that resonate with each prospect’s unique persona and buying behavior.

Let’s take a look at the differences between Chris and Amy. 

At first glance, we see they are both between 45-60 years old, live in the suburbs, and have a household income of $100,000 a year.  In traditional lead scoring, these two may look very similar on paper.  However, as we dive deeper into their lifestyle attributes and buying behavior, these two require different motivators and messaging to be converted.

Based on these attributes, Amy is considered an “aspirational consumer.”  Her motivators for purchasing are high-quality brands and keeping up with the purchases of her friends.  In a campaign to Amy, we may highlight quality, name brand products, customer reviews, and show her projects that have been done near her.  This type of messaging is in alignment with her values and will drive her to book an appointment more effectively than how we approach Chris.

Alternatively, Chris is considered a “budget consumer.”  Most likely, he’s looking for competitive pricing to fit within his budget.  In a campaign to Chris, we highlight savings with dollar-off amounts, financing options, and hassle-free services. 

With standard messaging, there is still a chance that either Chris or Amy may convert into a hard lead, but why leave it to chance when you don’t have to?

This persona-driven model pushes the lead further into the funnel by appealing to their specific motivators.  As a lead travels deeper into the funnel, you’ll have more opportunities to convert them and increase revenue. 

For example, Think Unlimited conducted a case study with a large home improvement company in Baltimore looking to increase their hard-scheduled appointments and gross revenue overall.  The study shows, that after implementing the Think Unlimited Persona Automated Messaging system, not only did operational costs drop by $2,000 a month, customer satisfaction improved.  Our client saw an 8% increase in lead scheduling rate and an additional $103,000 in monthly revenue.

If you’re looking to optimize marketing costs and increase demo rate, contact us today to learn more about our proven system.

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