12 Practical Tips For Improving Website Conversions Through Engagement

At Think Unlimited, we use AI and deep learning to help home improvement pros increase awareness of their services. If you want to build a smart strategy that maximizes sales for home improvement companies, conversions are the metric to watch. Highly engaging content and clean layouts make it simple for homeowners to build awareness and respond to your call to action.

Here are some tips to improve your website conversions with a few tweaks or major renovations:

· Provide training. Ensure that your marketing team and content providers understand the new direction of your website. Provide training for concepts and technologies that can make this happen.

· Personalize messages. Tailor your messages to customers looking for home improvement and similar services. You can do this through personalization. Industry experts suggest creating a set of landing pages from a similar template but having content geared to a particular persona. Consider every stage of the customer journey. 

· Differentiate current and new customers. Set up your site to support your goals. After prompting visitors, you can direct existing customers to retention and loyalty content and new customers to direct marketing and acquisition pages. 

· Make small changes to produce significant results. Find out where customers are dropping off. Do you need a better protocol to follow-up with homeowners? Perhaps there are gaps in the lead generation process. You can solve many problems with a few tweaks in the flow of information through your website. 

· Share curated content. Home improvement offers many promising angles to provide valuable content to customers. Without cannibalizing your market, you can offer DIY or behind-the-scenes videos of projects in progress. This is a highly effective way to draw in customers to the top of the funnel and at more advanced points in the decision-making process.  

· Utilitize SEO and localization. With Google now moving toward localized content, it’s essential to know the latest rules and trends. Does your website use SEO and localization for homeowners searching for home improvement keywords? 

· Enable live chat. Engage customers with live chat prompts to help them find the information they need faster.

· Review analytics and adjust. Analytics reveals where customers are dropping off. Tailor your message and content to address defections and improve conversions. Experienced marketing strategists agree that leveraging site data to improve your site leads to higher conversions. 

· Test your changes. Test the inbound sales funnel to ensure that changes drive customers through to the sales team. If new content, messaging and navigation don’t improve conversions, something went wrong in the design process. 

· Put automation to work. Automated scoring gives your sales and marketing team a chance to win back prospects. Automated emails remind customers to come back and complete their research or purchase your home improvement services. 

· Gamify your website conversions. Offer better discounts for customers who spend more time on the site and click on different pages. This rewards engagement and increases the likelihood that homeowners will request home improvement services from you rather than the competition.

· Zoom in on your target. Promote authentic engagement that delivers conversions. You can use site engagement to reach the correct demographic.

Automation, analytics and content strategy can improve website conversions. Contact Think Unlimited to find out how we can help grow your home improvement company.

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