Artificial Intelligence for Home Improvement Companies

Think Unlimited has created a unique and intuitive algorithm for lead segmentation, scoring, and allocation for home improvement professionals that utilizes ongoing artificial intelligence learning for continuous analysis and optimization of an organization’s leads. 

The journey through Think Unlimited’s services includes three primary offerings that allow an organization to segment and analyze previous leads and revenue, optimize conversions of current incoming soft leads into hard leads through automated messaging, and increase close rates for the sales team.

Consumer Segmentation Report

The Think Unlimited Consumer Segmentation Report requires access to the previous 12 months of an organization’s leads and sales to complete the analysis process.  This 20+ page report segments converted leads by their behaviors, demographics, economic indicators, and persona profile.  The highlighted categories of focus for analysis include marital status, household income, home value, sales motivators, and purchasing patterns, to name a few.  From the analyzed data, an organization is able to identify segments that are performing well and generating optimal revenue, as well as, underperforming segments that need more attention for growth.  Not only are the deficient segments identified, Think Unlimited offers concrete, actionable steps to increase revenue within these groups.  This Consumer Segmentation Report can also be used to set internal benchmarks for an organization to track growth, as opposed to generic industry benchmarks.  For a free demo and sample Consumer Segmentation Report, click here.

Persona-Automated Messaging

While most messaging is presented as a “one-size-fits-all” solution, Think Unlimited integrated persona-driven email drip campaigns into an existing CRM to deliver the most compelling message to individual leads.  After a lead enrichment process to segment the leads, Think Unlimited creates personalized campaigns that resonate more deeply with the targeted audience.  If you have two consumers, one who is a deal-seeker looking for dollar-off savings and one who prefers aspirational messaging and luxury brands, your current universal message may not appeal to either lead.  With Persona-Automated Messaging, email and text campaigns are created using dynamic content to present the incoming lead with messaging most likely to convert them.  In addition to creating dynamic content for personas, these campaigns can also use dynamic content for various segments like project type and service area.  To learn more about Persona-Automated Messaging, click here.

Think Lead Optimizer

The Think Lead Optimizer (TLO) is a self-learning power tool for home improvement companies proven to increase revenue per lead by 5%.  Think Unlimited takes the last 12 months of an organization’s sales data to create an actual dollar amount prediction of a lead’s potential project cost, as opposed to industry benchmarks that suggest a range for project cost.  This information is also generated into a customized timeline graph within the platform to track a company’s current scheduling and revenue rates compared to the previous 12 months.  To take the process a step further, after enrichment of the sales team, TLO is able to predict the best sales associate to close the lead.  With every hard lead booking, TLO generates a list of your sales team in descending order based on a sales representative’s previous ability to close similar leads.  Want a free demonstration of our Think Lead Optimizer, click here.

Whether one service is implemented or all three, our case studies show guaranteed growth in converting soft leads into hard leads, higher conversion rates with persona-automated messaging and assigning optimal sales associates, and generating more revenue per lead.  The Think Unlimited algorithms are designed to use artificial intelligence to continue learning based on new lead data and close rates, and support exponential growth for home improvement companies nationwide.  Reach out to specialists today to learn more about Think Unlimited’s proprietary software.

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Case Studies

Long Home Products saw a $380 increase in revenue per lead.

Long Home Products chose to implement the Think Lead Optimizer (TLO) software to better match their sales associates with leads, increase close rates, ticket prices, and their ROI. The Think Lead Optimizer was launched in one market and Think Unlimited began a comparative report between the market with TLO enabled and without.

Case Studies

This client saw growth in every targeted area.

Only 4 weeks after implementing the Think Lead Optimizer by Think Unlimited, this client saw growth in every area targeted area. With Think’s proprietary AI lead score and assignment process, the higher quality scored leads led to an 8.6% growth in assignments compared week-over-week. With a higher assignment rate, the close rate grew by nearly 4% in the first month. The RPL value of each assigned lead added an additional $277 per lead & the actual gross sale per lead issued cost increased by over $491.

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