5 Ways AI is Transforming Daily Sales Operations

All sales organizations know the importance of staying on top of available technology, which is why artificial intelligence will only become more important to companies as the years roll by. Perhaps most importantly, AI learning is expected to improve the adoption rates of CRMs, essentially improving the capabilities of its system to encourage more salespeople to use the tools they’ve already been given. We’ll look at the main ways in which this transformation has already begun.

1. A True Enhancement
There’s a lot of fear around AI taking the jobs of different professionals across the board. When applied to a sales force though, the goal is to make it easier for salespeople to do their jobs effectively.

  • A typical professional will spend 17% of their week entering data into a system, which is essentially an entire day devoted to data entry.
  • Painstaking manual entry is one of the biggest barriers for people to adopt a CRM in the first place.
  • AI learning helps to eliminate this process, all while streamlining the customer lifecycle — regardless of how the interactions transpired.

2. Better Relationships

Trust is at the heart of sales, but how can anyone truly believe the promises of a salesperson? AI can essentially analyze the conversations and emotional state of a customer, giving the salesperson unique insight into how the other person actually feels about their words.

  • In-call voice analyses make it possible for salespeople to alter their reactions based on the reality they’re facing.
  • A customer can change from interested to disgusted in a fraction of a second, but AI can assess everything from energy to tone to help everyone get in sync.

3. Accurate Data

It doesn’t take long for information to go from accurate to obsolete. It might explain why 70% of all data goes stale every year. That means that all that information is clogging up your sales pipeline and unintentionally getting in the way of your reputation.

  • The worse the data is, the more likely you are to have a major problem develop.
  • AI has been developed specifically to start cleaning up and correcting all of the irregular and duplicate information.
  • It certainly can’t do everything, but it can make the tasks a lot easier for salespeople who want to use their time wisely.

4. A Better Lead Score
If some customers who call or fill out a web form have no intention of buying anytime soon, it’s no wonder both call centers and salespeople are so interested in a smarter lead score. Before AI, salespeople had to do manual lead qualifying and scoring, ranking each person in terms of their overall interest. But this has not been an optimal approach, which is why AI prioritizes predictive lead scoring and assignment.

  • The available technology today can analyze multiple factors, including economic scores, demographic data, and geographic data, to determine the customer’s true interest.
  • AI can also detect trends and adjust its patterns to ensure only the most accurate model is being used at any given time.

5. Specific Recommendations
AI is essentially there to be an advisor to the salesperson.

  • It makes recommendations for each salesperson based on everything from
    who the salesperson is to what kinds of sales they’re responsible for.
  • AI explains the rationale behind each recommendation with invaluable data points, which can help salespeople trust the system and start taking the advice to heart.

There’s no doubt that AI has some real advantages, but the key is to find the right technology. Think is a lead scoring platform that uses AI to dig deeper. From lead scoring to sales rep matching, the goal at every level is to push for higher conversion and better close rates. Think can integrate with most CRM systems for full automation of everything.  Contact us today to learn more about our proven system.

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