Persona Automated Messaging

It’s not just about speed to lead it’s content that converts!

Everyone has different perspectives on spending money.

Segment & Message Your Leads by the Motivators Most Likely to Convert into a Sale!

Budget Customer

Fiscally Conscientious

Modern Customer

Aspirationally Motivated

Budget Customer Campaign

Modern Customer Campaign

Convert Soft Lead Inquiries Into Hard Bookings with Personalized Campaigns

At a Glance

When it comes to messaging, casting a wide net leaves conversions on the table. Get more prospects to schedule a hard appointment with Think Unlimited’s Campaigns—our personalized approach to content marketing.


Inside our high-converting campaign funnel:

1. We enrich your lead data to uncover your prospects’ economic, lifestyle, persona & demographic attributes

2. Through AI & machine learning, that data is made actionable by predictively assigning prospects to a persona group and tagging them to a persona based campaign.

3. Creative development begins. Our world-class team of brand storytellers and designers craft dynamic content campaigns to match each prospects’ unique persona.

4. As soon as a lead funnels in, the first email & text message campaign is delivered within seconds.

5. An automated series of emails & text messages are sent in a sequence to drive the prospect to a to an inbound call or custom-built landing page that captures a date and time for their quote.

6. The prospect continues to receive campaigns over a fifteen-day period. As soon as the prospect books a hard appointment or opts out, our campaigns seize to deliver.

Our Creative Approach

Because Your Campaigns Need To Stand Out

Who Are We Speaking To?

Before beginning any creative, we need to understand the audience we’re speaking to. Think Unlimited forms a comprehensive marketing strategy for each persona we target.

What Do They Want to See & Hear?

When it comes to content marketing, one size does not fit all. Our team changes the copy, imagery & offer of the campaign depending on which variables we’re testing.

Are We Addressing Their Needs?

Depending on income, geography, lifestyle, age and gender, customers may require different information about your brand as well as different promotional messaging.

Does It Reflect Your Brand?

Upholding your core brand values is not only important to us as marketers, but to your customers as well. Think Unlimited will have a clear brand direction and guidelines before starting any project.


“Think’s AI Software to assist in the assignment of leads, we did it the antiquated way with pen and paper. We have a decent CRM to run our business, but the assignment of leads was a different story. It was archaic, time consuming, but we had a rough idea of who were pretty good at it. Implementing Think Unlimited’s Lead Assignment Solution has not only cut down the time it takes for us to issue leads, but also takes the guesswork out of matching a large number of leads with a large salesforce. We are able to see the holes where our sales team can improve with additional training, and it effected out bottom line with an 8% increase in just months. No humans has time to keep track and analyze this amount of data, and this really easy to integrate software gives us a clear picture that we don’t see on the surface, and elevates our performance in issuing leads. The Think Unlimited Team is a great partner, and we plan to grow our use cases with them over time.”

John DePaola, Jr., Operations Manager


Our Clients

Want to grow your business?

Let’s Partner. You’ll Love The Think Unlimited Experience.


Want to grow your business?

Let’s Partner. You’ll Love The Think Unlimited Experience.