Do More With Your Data

Understand what motivates your customers.

Drill down into your data to see how different buyer profiles perform at each stage of your funnel. Identify high-performing segments to target with demand generation programs or segment for targeted nurture campaigns.

AI Lead Scoring & Allocation

Your customer segmentation data is readily available on the Think Lead Optimizer dashboard.

Drip campaigns

Think Unlimited uses your customer segmentation data to develop personalized content marketing drip campaigns. 

Data Use applications

Put your data to work.

To say you spend a lot on sales & marketing initiatives would be an understatement. 

The data that you receive from Think Unlimited’s Customer Segmentation Report helps you address key areas of opportunity and shows you where to focus sales and marketing dollars.

The consumer data alone is powerful. When the data is accessible within Think Unlimited’s product suite, your business is unstoppable. 

What Data is Included in the Customer Segmentation Report?


Understand your customer's behaviors and motivations to purchase.


With an ESI score, you can prioritize contacts & leads based on economic factors.


Understand your customers' demographic profiles such as ethnicity, marital status, and more.


Consumer persona data to helps you understand how your consumers operate in daily life.

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